A/C Cabin Air Filter

Today’s vehicles are equipped with a cabin air filter that cleans air entering the passenger compartment.

The cabin filter is normally located inside the dashboard at the entrance point of the air duct system where are flows into the cabin area. All incoming air is drawn through the filter, removing all kinds of contaminants such as pollen, soot, dust, and gasses as well as unpleasant odors. Unfiltered air full with pollutants can cause health hazards for occupants who breathe in the air, such as allergies, headaches, repository problems and other symptoms. You should have the cabin air filter removed and inspected with each oil change service and usually replaced every 12000 or once a year.

Some vehicle owners see the cabin air filter as a seasonal and a comfort-enhancing “luxury”  component and not as willing to spend the money to replace at recommended intervals. However, there is a need for a clean filter that allows sufficient air volume pass through and effectively removes pollutants from the air inside the cabin all year around.

The cabin air filter is essential to remove pollen from spring to fall and the high concentration of ozone during summer time. Poor quality and low air volume can cause the windows to mist up during the winter.

Regularly changing the cabin filter is important and helps extends the longevity of your vehicle’s air-conditioning systems. The A/C blower motor, which is located after the cabin filter in the duct system, regulates the air velocity blowing out of the vents when you adjust the A/C speed settings. A clogged filter increases the risk of the motor or its resistor pack burning out. A burnt out resistor could cause the fan not to work at all or only work on one or a couple of speeds instead of all.

The cabin air filter is often overlooked, sometimes not replaced for years, because of it’s inaccessibility and owner’s unawareness of its importance. On some vehicles, the glove box and its content need to be removed just to gain access to the cabin filter housing. This can take up to 10 minutes. This is why most repair shops do not regularly remove and inspect the cabin air filter. Although we understand the reasoning we highly disagree with it.

We believe it is our job to perform a comprehensive multi-point inspection on your vehicle during its routine maintenance service. Our technician will remove and inspect your vehicle’s air cabin filter regardless of its location and the amount of time and work it requires. You can count on getting the best and most thorough routine inspection from our team and receive the most accurate assessment of your vehicle’s overall condition.