Cabin Air Filter

Today’s vehicles are equipped with a cabin filter. 

The cabin filter is normally located inside the dashboard at the entrance point of the air duct system. All incoming air is drawn through the filter, removing all kinds of contaminants such as pollen, soot and dust. 

Clean cabin filter is important and helps to extend the longevity of your vehicle’s air-conditioning systems. The cabin air filter is often overlooked, sometimes not replaced for years, because of it’s inaccessibility and owner’s unawareness of its importance. On some vehicles, the glove box and its content need to be removed just to gain access to the cabin filter. This is why most repair shops do not regularly remove and inspect the cabin air filter.

We believe it is our job to perform a comprehensive multi-point inspection on your vehicle during its routine maintenance service. Our technicians will remove and inspect your vehicle’s cabin filter regardless of its location.