Engine Air Filter

The Engine Intake Air Filter’s job is to capture dirt and debris and allow the intake of only clean air to be mixed with fuel inside the engine. The service life of the air filter depends mainly on the environment you drive in. With normal in city driving an air filter should last up to 12000 miles or up to one year. If you do any driving in areas with high levels of contaminants such driving on gravel roads, driving near heavy construction sites or on rural roads, you may need to change out the air filter every few months.

As the air filter gets clogged it allows less air to make its way into the engine combustion chamber. Today’s cars are equipped with a sensor located near the air filter passageway that monitors the amount of air passing through. If the sensor measures lower than required air volume coming into the engine, the car’s computer reduces the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber to maintain a proper air to fuel ratio. This will maintain a close to optimal fuel consumption rate since less air flow detected results in less fuel dispensed. But, engine performance reduces since there is less bang in each combustion. The long-term effect is an overstressed engine since you will have to push the engine harder to achieve the same performance and acceleration as you would normally have with a clean air filter.

We remove and visually inspect your car’s engine air filter with each oil change service. We know you are interested in getting the best performance from your vehicle and limiting unnecessary strain on the engine and other components. With our proactive approach to preventative maintenance and focus on extending the longevity of your vehicle, you can rest assured we would not let it leave our shop running less than perfect.