Wheel & Tire Balancing Service in Katy

Distinct from alignment, wheel balancing refers to compensation for imperfections in tire and wheel weight distribution. The smallest weight differences can throw a wheel out of balance and make it wobble or even bounce as it rolls down the road. Improperly balanced wheels cause vibration, premature and uneven tire wear, damage to steering and suspension parts, and affect the car’s handling.

Over time wheels go out of balance from normal wear to the tires and from hitting bumps and dips in the road. To balance a wheel, we use a computerized balancing machine to detect weight differences and place counterweights to allow the wheel to spin in a tightly focused circular motion. Our technician will not only perfectly balance your wheels but will use adhesive weights when required and take all the necessary precautions to ensure your wheels’ cosmetic face is never damaged.


Road Force Balancing

At Auto Check Elite, we use Hunter’s latest Road Force Elite Wheel Balancing system.  This is an advanced computerized method that applies about 1200 lbs. of pressure on the tire as it spins to simulate road force. It then scans and measures both the tire and wheel to detect other conditions, such as belt separations, and tire pull that would cause a vibration on the road.

Generally, both wheels and tires are not perfectly round and have high and low spots in terms of their runout. To achieve the best results we use a process called “match mounting”. We will measure both the wheel and tire, and then move the tire around on the wheel until the high spot of the tire matches the low spot of the wheel.