Tire Tread Wear and Condition

We have the most advanced digital tread measurement technology available to give you the most accurate possible assessment of your tires’ tread depth. Our system eliminates human error and variances in readings associated with using hand-held, plunger-type tools.

Our Quick Tread System by Hunter, scans across a two-inch segment of your tire and displays a detailed 3D model of the tread pattern. It accurately calculates the tread depth for each groove and allows easy detection tread wear irregularities.

If services are required, our technicians will perform them while you wait. We always want you to drive out of our shop feeling informed and satisfied that you have received the best services to ensure your tires are safe and last you as long as possible.


Tread Depth Affects a Vehicle’s Stopping Distance

Tire tread depth is important because a tire’s grooves squeeze out water, debris and snow so tires can hit the road and keep the vehicle running safely.

As tires wear, the grooves become shallow and compromise the tire’s ability to make solid contact with the road. As tread depth decreases, the vehicle’s wet weather stopping distance increases.