Texas “Two Steps, One Sticker” Program

A recent change to the Texas inspection and registration programs has been combined the two under the new “Two Steps, One Sticker” system. State inspection stickers are no longer issued and registration is now dependent passing vehicle inspection first.

Since March 1, 2016, your car’s inspection and registration will expire at the same time. The inspection process and criteria are the same. However, you will not get a windshield inspection sticker. The registration sticker now serves as combined proof of your car’s registration and inspection. Visit www.TwoStepsOneSticker.com for more info

Ready to do the Two Step?

Step 1 
Bring your vehicle to us for inspection.
we need to inspect your car within 90 days before your car’s registration sticker expires.

Step 2
Renew your vehicle registration and get your 2-in-1 sticker.
You have 90 days to renew your registration online or in person.

Requirement: The VIR of a passed inspection of your car, performed within the past 90 days.
Process: You can renew your registration online at TxDMV website, in person at the Fort Bend County Tax Office or at any authorized renewal location, such as a grocery stores.

  •   The Cost
  •   Buying a Car
  •   Lost VIR Report

How Much Does the Two Step, One Sticker Cost?

Although putting just one sticker on your windshield does have a nice impact on your car, it does not impact your wallet at all. The combined cost of Inspection and Registration have not changed.
The only change is that you pay your car inspection cost in Two Steps:
Step 1: Pay the inspection station’s portion of the fee at the time of inspection.
Step 2: Pay the state’s portion of the fee at the time of registration.

Before, an inspection center would collect their fee for performing the inspection and the fee for the actual state’s fee for providing the sticker. Since now the station does not issue stickers anymore, they only charge their service fee. The state however, still charges you an inspection processing fee if you will call it. You pay that portion at the time of registration renewal and can find that fee and all other registration fees on your registration renewal notice or on The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) Website.

Buying a Used Car?

Private Seller: If you are buying an used car from a private seller, the car needs to get inspected in order for you to be able to register it and transfer the title to your name.

Car Dealer: If you are buying your used car from a dealership, the car does not be inspected if has been inspection in the last 180 days.

Need Proof of Inspection?

If you have lost your Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) and need a copy, you can download and print one from www.mytxcar.org