Texas State Vehicle Inspection in Katy

Smog – Emissions & Safety Inspection Station

In Texas, all vehicles are subject to an annual State Vehicle Inspection. A comprehensive safety inspection is mandatory for all vehicles, while smog checks are required for just certain vehicles based on vehicle types, age and the fuel type they run on. Brand new cars, motorcycles, fully electric vehicles and diesel engine cars and trucks are all exempt from the emission or smog testing portion of the inspection.

On average, it takes about 30 minutes to complete a safety & emissions test and we have multiple State Inspectors on staff to get you in and on your way fast.

As a full-service auto mechanic shop, we can handle any safety or emission issues your car may have. If needed, we provide service and part replacements to quickly get your vehicle ready to meet all State Inspection Criteria.

Our technicians have great experience in dealing with common emission related issues that cause most State Inspection failures. We can diagnosis and repair most of your vehicle’s emission control system issues the same day.

As a Texas State Inspection Station we serve the residents of Houston, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fort Bend and Harris Counties.