Power Steering Service and Repair

The power steering’s job is to reduce the amount of effort you need to apply to steer. Most power steering systems are powered by a hydraulic pump that’s driven by the drive belt assembly. Power steering fluid is pressurized and moved throughout the system, multiplying the force you apply to the steering wheel, making steering easier.


Power steering fluid also cools, cleans and provides lubrication for the hydraulic pump as well as other moving parts of the system. Over time, the fluid loses its effectiveness, causing premature wear to the components and leaks in the pressure hose and lines. Checking and keeping the power steering fluid clean will help it perform properly and help minimize your long-term repair costs.


Some cars have electrical power steering systems that do not require any fluid. This system has several benefits such as needing less power from the engine to operate, more precise steering, and power steering is available even if the engine is not running. However, keep in mind that regardless of kind of power steering system your vehicle has proper maintenance is recommended.


If you are experiencing any steering issues, our certified team is available to perform a full inspection of your vehicle’s steering system and perform any needed maintenance or repair services. We offer our 3 year – 36,000 miles warranty for all service performed on your vehicle’s power steering system.