Engine Service and Repair in Katy

The engine is the heart of your car since it generates the mechanical energy necessary to create movement. The engine is very susceptible to damage because it is either directly or indirectly linked to most other components on your car.

The internal engine process is synchronized by a timing belt or chain, and the accessory drive belt assembly provides energy for systems like the A/C, charging, and steering.

If the accessory belt were to break while driving it would immobilize your car since the alternator would stop working and power would be cut to all the electrical systems that regulate the engine’s operation.

A broken timing belt is probably the most detrimental failure you could experience since the result can be catastrophic to the engine. The timing belt turns the crank and cam shafts in perfect rhythm allowing the engine’s internal parts move in perfect synchronicity. The tiniest hiccup in this process is enough to make internal engine parts collide and cause complete engine failure.

Performing regular maintenance can keep your engine running smoothly and increase it’s lifespan. If you are experiencing any issues with the engine or the check engine light is on, bring your car in as soon as possible. In most cases we can have the problem diagnosed and repaired the same day. Plus, our diagnosis is 100% guaranteed and we give you 3 years/ 36.000 miles warranty on all engine repairs.