Charging System Service and Repair in Katy

Your car uses a lot of electricity. From starting the engine to squirting washer fluid onto the windshield, your car requires a steady flow of energy.  The charging system is in charge of this very important task. It consists of the alternator, battery, electrical control module and lots of wiring.

The alternator is the power plant of your car. As your car’s engine turns, the alternator takes that mechanical energy and turns it into electrical energy. A faulty alternator would fail to charge up the battery causing your car not to start. While driving, a lack of electricity would make many systems and features inoperable and eventually immobilize your car.

There is not a definitive way to predict a failure of your charging system. However, if you pay close attention you can detect early signs of charging system problems. A flashing warning light on dash while driving is a serious sign that your car is about to shut down. In this case,it is important to promptly pull over in a safe location and call for assistance.

If you are experiencing any unusual issues or if you just would like to get the charging system looked over, schedule an appointment and bring your car in. There are no charges for our standard battery and alternator test and we can get it done while you wait.