Brake System Inspection and Repair

The most important safety component of your car are the brakes.

Regular maintenance will help detect and prevent premature wear to the operating hardware and hydraulic components.

We can diagnose, service and resolve any brake system problems. 

Our Comprehensive Brake System Inspection

Its best to bring your vehicle in for a Brake Inspection if you notice anything unusual about your brakes.

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Brake Problems and Symptoms 

Noise: A squeak, a squeal, metal grinding, clatter, rattling, or clunking noise. Any type of noise coming from the brakes could indicate a major problem and should not be ignored regardless of its intensity or frequency of occurrence.

Pull: The vehicle veers to one side only when applying the brakes. This could indicate an uneven distribution of braking power to the wheels causing potentially dangerous situations, especially on wet surfaces and at high speeds.

Sticky Pedal: This is when after applying the brakes, there is a noticeable delay for the pedal to come up to its resting position. This could be caused by numerous problems such as worn springs or bushings on the brake pedal assembly, faulty ABS pump, brake booster, etc. A thorough inspection of the entire brake system is required.

Spongy Pedal: The brake pedal goes all the way down to the floor but does not cause enough force for effective stopping. This is normally caused by low brake fluid levels or air trapped in the brake system.

Hard Pedal: A lot of force is required to push the pedal down. This could indicate a blockage in brake fluid flow or a stuck caliper piston. Immediate inspection of the entire brake system is recommended.

Vibration: A shaking or vibration normally felt in the steering wheel when braking. This is usually caused by one or more warped brake rotors. Replacement of the rotors will be necessary. 

Our Brake System Inspection Includes 

  • All wheels will be removed to allow access for properly inspecting all brake parts
  • If applicable – Rear brake drums will be removed to inspect internal brake components
  • Brake pads & rotors will be inspected and measured
  • Inspection of pads for uneven wear, damage and defects
  • Inspection of rotors for grooves, cracks, heat spots, glazing and warpage
  • Inspection of clips, pins and guides
  • Inspection of calipers, pistons and brackets
  • Inspection for any damage caused by impact or foreign objects such as road debris, rocks, etc.
  • Inspection of brake fluid leaks and moisture condensation
  • A complete inspection report and recommendations
  • A detailed written estimate with itemized parts and labor charges

Comprehensive Service

  • Replacement of brake pads, rotors, wear sensors and other required parts with high quality parts 
  • Resurfacing/machining of all rotors and drums
  • Replacement of applicable parts such as wear sensors, pins, guides, springs, and other hardware
  • Servicing brake calipers and hardware
  • Topping off brake fluid and removing any trapped air caught in the brake lines

No-Hassle Warranty

We offer a 3 Year – 36,000 Miles Warranty on all brake services.