A/C Repair and Services in Katy

Your car’s air conditioning is an intricate system of numerous components that work in harmony to keep you comfortable. Regular A/C service & maintenance can keep your car’s A/C blowing cold and allow minor issues to be fixed before they become costly.

A/C refrigerant, mistakenly still referred to as Freon by many, is the magic ingredient that makes cold air blow out of your car vents.

Your car’s A/C is a sealed system. A low refrigerant level is indicative of a leak in the system and the main cause your A/C blows warm air. But keep in mind, warm air blowing out of the vents doesn’t always mean that the refrigerant level is low.

Identifying the exact cause of your car’s A/C problem requires proper diagnosis and troubleshooting of the entire system. For example, your A/C could blow warm air because of a faulty vent door located deep inside your car’s dash that either blocks cold air from entering the cabin or allows warm air to get mixed in with the cold air.

So, if you ever feel that your car’s A/C is not living up to your level of coolness come and see us right a way. You can count on your Auto Check Elite team to restore you comfort level and get you cruising again in no time.