Automotive Repair Services in Katy

To prevent minor repairs from escalating to major problems, it is important to stay proactive when it comes to auto maintenance and repair.  By doing so, not only will you ensure your safety on the road, but will also enhance your vehicle’s durability.


Whether you are hearing a peculiar noise, notice a small difference in how your vehicle is driving, or need dealer recommended maintenance, our ASE certified technicians are equipped to work on all makes and models.  We are here to help you with all your automotive needs.


At Auto Check Elite, we understand that you have a busy schedule and we value your time. We strive for excellence and use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your automotive repairs are done the correctly the first time, every time. To guarantee the accuracy of our diagnostics and repairs we offer a hassle-free 36 month/36,000 mile warranty on all repairs. We take great pride in our work and strive to become your preferred automotive repair shop.


The engine creates and distributes mechanical energy to other components in your car. This synchronized process is very sensitive. Many things can go wrong during the course of this process that can greatly affect the engine and its performance. We can help keep your engine ticking like a clock with our complete set of engine maintenance and repair services.


Nothing can put a damper on your day as much as a transmission acting up. Although transmissions are made of many complicated interconnected parts, most transmission problems can be diagnosed and repaired within reasonable prices. So, don’t stress it and come by to see us. We will examine your vehicle thoroughly and investigate to find out why the transmission is acting up and find the best solutions to fix it.

A/C System

With temperatures rising into triple digits, Texas never fails to deliver a hot summer. That means your vehicle’s air conditioner is always in overdrive. Bring your car in for a routine A/C system check-up or at the first sign of complication and we will make sure you stay nice and cool all year round

Brake Systems

The most important safety component of you car are the brakes. Your vehicle’s brake system is composed of hydraulic parts as well as computer controlled features such as anti-lock braking (ABS) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems. At Auto Check Elite, we are here to diagnose, service, and resolve any brake system problems your vehicle might have. We take pride in our Comprehensive Brake System Inspection to help ensure your safety on the road. 

Charging System

Today’s vehicles are complex mazes of interwoven electrical systems packed with computers, models, sensors, and some more sensors. All these electrical components require a continuous and steady source of energy. A faulty charging system can wreak havoc on these systems and potentially immobilize your car.

Power Steering System

Power steering is one of those things that we take for granted. A loss of power steering can significantly affect the handling of your vehicle. Bring your car in for a steering system check up if you hear a whining noise when you turn the wheel, if the  wheel feels stiff and is hard to turn or if it feels loose and your vehicle tends to wander while driving.

Suspension System

There’s a lot riding on your vehicle’s suspension. The suspension keeps your vehicle’s tires in contact with the road and keeps you in control of your vehicle. Besides irritating noises and a not so comfortable ride, worn suspension parts can cause a lot of other issues and put extra strain on other components on your car. If you are having any issues with your car’s suspension or just would like to get it check out, stop by for a quick and free suspension system inspection.