Ratchet & Wrench – Cover Story featuring Auto Check Elite

matthew roayaee

Image from article created by Kiley Wellendorf on March 18, 2019

Matthew Roayaee and Auto Check Elite was honored to be featured not only in an article, but on the cover of Ratchet+Wrench magazine in 2019.

Ratchet+Wrench is the leading progressive media brand exclusively serving auto care center owners and operators through examining in-depth real world struggles, successes and solutions from the industry.

“At the time, in 2005, he was working his first job at a repair shop, and as he gained more and more knowledge and more confidence alongside it, he realized that he wanted to own his own shop—and fast. Within five years, to be exact.


It wasn’t lost on Roayaee what a large undertaking this was…


My goal was to have a successful business,” Roayaee says. “Every change that I made in the shop was to provide a better service for the customer, and I had people that didn’t want to take orders from me or believe in what I wanted, and that didn’t work for me. Eventually, I had to clear house.”

Since day one, Roayaee has worked to create a brand that is not only customer-first, but loyalty-first in every aspect of the business. And he’s done that in a number of unique, creative ways—including his building, his customers and his staff.

“Ratchet+Wrench offers entertaining, lively and interesting information as well as insightful and useful business strategies that reflect our readers’ and users’ energy and commitment to their companies and the industry,” as stated on their magazine’s online publication and website.

What is highlighted in this article that may be the most important, is the staff that surrounds Matthew at Auto Check Elite. The backbone of the business, who all share his vision.

“What helped the most besides the experience we gained at SEMA and the memories that we made, the technicians that went with me choose the equipment [for the shop],” Roayaee says.


“I did it just because they take ownership of it now, they’re proud of it and they’re the guys that said, ‘Let’s get this.’”