Motor Age – Article featuring Auto Check Elite

Motor Age, a well known and respected publication in the auto world featured Matthew Roayaee and Auto Check Elite in an article in 2019.


As their website states, Motor Age’s first issue was published in September 1899 and was launched as a weekly publication sold on newsstands for 5 cents per copy. The publication was originally targeted for those people working on their own vehicles, as well as those who fixed cars for a living. Today, Motor Age reaches over 140,000 automotive service industry professionals — shop owners, service writers and technicians.


“They are definitely a photogenic bunch. Perusing the Auto Check Elite website and Facebook page, you’ll see photos of staff in race crew shirts being passionate about their work at this Katy, Texas repair shop.


And diverse: besides employees from Houston’s environs, there’s one from Switzerland, one from Uruguay, while their boss, Matthew Roayaee (pronounced Roy-i-e), was born in England.”

That passion seen throughout our imagery and our presentation mirrors the passion that we have for working on cars, and taking care of our customers.

In addition, Motor Age offers shop owners practical business management information like no other service publication.


“I’m excited by this, because it’s my playground. If we get a car that needs to be calibrated, I go step by step and see how it’s done — because I get a kick out of it.” The downside? “One technician taking six classes cost $3,600. They’re not cheap, but what’s the alternative? I’m always fixing the hard stuff so I don’t get the long-hanging fruit anymore,” he laughs. “But we fix cars nobody else can fix; that’s what we’re known for. It may shift again, but that’s where the money is now.”