Complete Car Care

Your one-stop destination for all of your automotive service needs!

At Auto Check Elite, you will receive our undivided attention before and after services are completed.

Our technicians are very thorough in their work to ensure that all potential safety hazards and minor problems are detected. We see it as our obligation to be thorough and forthcoming about your vehicle’s overall condition. Doing so you can make an educated decisions about maintenance and repairs needed. Our service advisers will use their extensive knowledge to help and create a customized service plan based on immediate safety issues and manufacturer maintenance suggestions.

Awesome Service

Our success depends on our level of service!

We believe in having a personal relationship with our customers!  Our service advisers will listen to all of your concerns, answer all your questions and share their knowledge to advise you on the best solution. We will stay in constant communication by phone, text messages and emails.

State of the Art

Cars are going high tech and so are we.

The automotive industry has gone through a period of high technological advancements in the recent years. Besides new innovations in design and engineering of systems and components, there has been a birth of a new series of intelligent in-car safety systems such as Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). Some ADAS systems include adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, blind spot indication, pilot assist, automatic braking and more. Cars are practically computers on wheels.

We have invested heavily in the latest specialty diagnostics tools, shop equipment and extensive back to back trainings to be ready for your needs. The benefits and values are:

  • Solutions for any problems with any systems regardless of the make and model.
  • Get fast and accurate diagnostics that are 100% guaranteed.
  • We can diagnose and resolve complex electrical issues caused by collision damage, flood, electrical short and more.
  • We can check and perform all software updates released by the manufacture.
  • We can calibrate and reset any system back to factory specs.

We are just passionate about cars, love everything high-tech and thrive on new challenges. We truly offer the most comprehensive automotive service solutions in town and will work diligently to earn our title as the best in business.