Complete Car Care

Your one-stop destination for all your car care needs in Katy.

Complete Care Car means more than getting all your car’s maintenance and repair services done at our shop. At Auto Check Elite, you will always get our undivided attention and full support before, during, and after services are completed.

We are a proactive auto repair shop when it comes to looking after your car. Our technicians are attentive and thorough in their work to ensure any potential safety hazards or minor problems are detected before they turn into major and expensive repairs. Catching problems early and taking preventative measures, versus always doing repairs after breakdowns, has some significant benefits to you and your car.

Detecting and addressing problems early on will help:

  • Drastically reduce your repair expenses by eliminating consequential damages.
  • Save and extend the life of many of your car’s original factory parts.
  • Allow you time to make the right service decisions without feeling pressured.
  • Give you control over your car’s long term health and your finances.
  • Eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and inconveniences to you and your family caused by breakdowns.
  • When applicable, save you a ton of money by getting repairs in before manufacturer or extended warranty programs run out.

It is important to state that our objective is never to write up a long list of problems on your car in an attempt to sell you more services. You will realize that to be true after your first encounter with us. If anything, we see it as our job and obligation to be thorough and forthcoming about your vehicle’s overall condition.

Giving you the information and time you need to make educated decisions is our way of affirming the trust you put in us to work on your car. Our ultimate goal is to become your trusted long-term car care partner who you can rely on to keep you safe, give you honest advice, and always assist you in making the best car care choices.

Awesome Service

The level of our success depends on our level of service!

After your very first visit, you will notice that our service advisors operate as Service Advisors. They speak in plain English, listen to all your concerns, answer all your questions and share their knowledge to advise you on best solutions, rather than blatantly pushing services.

We will always give you a detailed, easy to understand written estimate for all recommended services and their charges. Our service advisers will use their extensive knowledge to help create a customized service plan based on your car’s needs that work best for you.

What you can expect from your service advisor:

  • Undivided attention and focus on you.
  • Prompt communication: You will be kept in the loop with fast assessment and work status updates.
  • Explain diagnostics result and recommendations without using any technical jargon.
  • Ensure you are 100% satisfaction and comfortable before any work is started on your car.
  • Advise and assist you in scheduling future services in the order of priority.
  • And whenever possible, provide cost saving solutions such as grouping certain services to take advantage of labor overlaps.

Our Auto Check Elite shop might be new, but our philosophy, core values, and best business practices certainly are not. As your chosen automotive repair shop, we see it as our role to turn your adverse car problem into a positive experience by being delightful, respectful, honest and performing quality work at reasonable prices. Our core values and business approach have served our customers and us well over the years. Today, we are as committed as ever to continue doing what we do best and keep raising service standards in our industry.

State of the Art

Cars are going high tech and so are we. Speed, accuracy, and results!

The car industry has gone through a period of high technological advancements in the recent years. Besides new innovations in design and engineering of systems and components, there has been a birth of a new series of intelligent in-car safety systems such as Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). Some ADAS systems include adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, blind spot indication, pilot assist, automatic braking, and more.

Unlike ever before, newly developed systems are rapidly transitioning from being a luxury, only available in high-end vehicles, to becoming standard features in all cars. Personal transportation and with it, the automotive repair industry, are changing as cars are evolving from mainly mechanical machines into practically computers on wheels.

We, at Auto Check Elite, are excited about the dynamic shifts that are taking place. We have invested in the latest specialty diagnostics tools, shop equipment, and extensive technician training programs to be the most technologically advanced mechanic shop in Katy, TX.

The benefits and value we can provide you as your preferred repair shop:

  • Solutions for any problem with any system regardless of the make or model of your vehicle.
  • Get fast and accurate diagnostics that are 100% guaranteed.
  • We can diagnose and resolve complex electrical issues caused by collision damage, flood damage, electrical short, vehicle fires and more.
  • We can check and perform all software updates released by your manufacturer.
  • We can calibrate and reset any system back to factory specs to ensure your car’s safety requirements are always up to manufacturer standards.
  • You will never have visit a dealership again to be treated as a number and pay their high prices.

We are just passionate about cars, love everything high-tech and thrive on new challenges. We truly offer the most comprehensive automotive service solutions in town and will work diligently to earn our title as your Complete Car Care provider.